Billet Switch Panel for Polaris RZR using Contura V style switches

This panel is machined from solid billet aluminum and has the same cool features as our original RZR switch panels. The mounting screws are installed into blind holes from the back and the switches are recessed into pockets to give them a clean integrated look.


The only difference with this panel is the shape of the recessed pockets. The pockets are specifically machined to accept the popular Contura V labeled switches. These switches are available at and come with a wide variety of labels and options.


2010 and newer stock headlight and 4WD switches can be installed into two of the pockets along side three auxiliary Contura V rocker switches. You also have the option to re-locate your stock switches by installing our SR01 Stock Switch Re-locator kit so you have all five pockets for your auxiliary switch requirements.


2008/2009 RZR model stock switches will not fit into this panel. To use this panel, you will need to re-locate your stock switches using our SR02 Stock Switch Re-locator kit (available soon). If you want to install your 2008/2009 stock switches into your billet switch panel, you will need to use the SP01 Billet switch panel with the Contura II style switches. You will need to re-locate your Auxiliary power plug for this installation. Includes a stick on template for accurate drilling and cutting of the dash.


Please see installation instructions for details.

Billet Switch Panels for Contura V Switches
Black Anodize
Clear Anodize



Currently, we do not carry the Contura V labeled switches on our website. The link below will take you directly to their website where you will have access to their wide selection of labels and other options for your Contura V switches to fit our SP02 Switch Panel.

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Installation Instructions (PDF)




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*Switches Not Included with Switch Panel