7075-T6 Billet High Clearance Radius Arms



CNC Machined from solid 7075-T6 Aluminum.

Clear powder coated, Great looking, lightweight and strong as steel.

Notice how the Chromoly Heim joint shafts are positioned in a straight line to eliminate all side load on the shafts taking full advantage of the 16,238 lbs. ultimate radial static load. Many high clearance radius arms using heim joints place the shafts at an angle making them more susceptible to side load and breakage.


Gain 2 ½” of ground clearance, the most we could get without exposing the rear axles below the radius arm. Tight radii on the aluminum arms offers maximum width of the clearance area.




The straight OEM radius rods on your Polaris RZR utilize ball joints at both ends to allow free articulation of your trailing arm suspension. Due to the radial action of the trailing arm, the outside end of the radius rods move forward and back as the suspension actuates.


These ball joints work great when the radius rod is straight. However raising the center portion of the rod to create more ground clearance can create a problem. The raised portion of the rod has no support and is left flopping around because the ball joints have no linier control.


One solution would be to replace one of the ball ends with a linier bushing. However this option will create a binding situation due to the forward and back movement of the radius arm.


Our goal was to design a high clearance radius arm system that would keep the arm stable while allowing the ball joints to do their job of creating free articulation of all components.


Our unique 7075 High Clearance Radius Arms are a dual Chromoly heim (or ball) joint design with a separate control arm. The separate arm has a Turkite linier bushing on one end and a third Chromoly heim (ball) joint on the other. The third heim joint attaches to the aluminum radius arm so it follows and stabilizes the raised arm through its stroke with no binding.




7075-T6 Aluminum High Clearance Radius Arm:


Tensile strength 83,000psi. Cross section=.625” =overall tensile strength of 51,875lbs. Yield strength of threads at 48,000psi x Yield area of thread .03581x 20 threads engaged 1” deep= 33,772lbs. Made in the USA by BrakeAway Products Inc. for sidebyinnovations.com


Heim Joints ½” X ½-20” Heat Treated 4130 Chromoly Heim. Radial Static Load - 16,238 lbs. From Barnes 4WD



P/N RAXP1 Fits Polaris RZR XP1000 - 2013 to present - Order Here


P/N RAXP9 Fits all Polaris RZR 900s with trailing arms - Order Here






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Radial Arm for Polaris RZR

Radial Arm for Polaris RZR

Radial Arm for Polaris RZR

Radial Arm for Polaris RZR